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ADVENTURES OF SQUEAKY DOODelightful and refreshing children's stories told from the point of view of a teddy bear
June 25, 2014Format: Paperback Verified Purchase
This collection consists of five stories narrated in the first person by Squeaky Doo, a teddy bear owned by a little girl named Marge. Marge lives with her younger brother and parents in Miami. However, except for the first story which takes place on a beach in Miami, all the other stories are set in different locations. The tales describe adventures in Los Angeles, Orlando, on a cruise trip, and in the author's native island, Trinidad. Squeaky Doo accompanies Marge as her family, including her grandparents, vacation in these different places. He gets lost in each story and, fortunately for him, is always rescued and reunited with Marge.

Squeaky Doo is an observant bear who never misses any detail of the family's activities. He gives vivid descriptions of a warm and loving family of which he is proud to be a part. Children will surely fall in love with this likable teddy bear and will want to read about all of his adventures. The perspective of the teddy bear makes the stories easy to read and will encourage youngsters of all ages to keep reading to find out what will happen next to Squeaky Doo.

HEART WARMING TALES on January 15, 2016 Five Star Review
Fun and fear-filled fables for a modern audience By Format: Kindle Edition
This is the second collection of stories I have read in a row. This author is new to me so it is interesting to pick up this writer's particular 'voice' and over the course of this book, it comes across well.

Her Online Predator is perhaps the best of a strong bunch of stories, with Marriage On the Rocks a close second (though the male character Roberto was a little to subservient to his wife for my liking). The Undertaker's Wife has a wonderful underlying plot - we can probably see what is coming before the end, and its cool to see the MC freaking out along the way, before the big reveal is made.

All the stories are well written and readable. The stories are different from each other and make for interesting reading. Recommended


Zeeka Returns (Revenge of Zeeka Book 3) is the exciting conclusion to this horror trilogy about futuristic zombies and their Master Zeeka set in the year 2036.
Zeeka, involved in the most heinous of crimes is apprehended, not by the police, who for weeks were in the forested area searching for him and his nine flesh-eating zombies, but by a beautiful woman.
Zeeka abandons his zombies, runs from the police in the forest, gun in hand, and was trapped by a woman.
Who is this heroic woman? 
Were the futuristic zombies destroyed? 
What high tech methods were used to kill zombies in 2036?
What is Zeeka's fate?
The story continues in Zeeka's Ghost Book 4 and Resurrection Book 5.
Swift. Silent. Ghostly
Zeeka’s Ghost appears to Steven and he feels the ghost has evil intentions.
Coupled with that, Steven discovers that he and Mandy are the targets of unknown enemies and their lives are at stake.
Stephen must find a way to hunt down and apprehend these ruthless maniacs and save his beloved wife.
Is Zeeka’s Ghost here to harm or help?

RESURRECTION is the final episode in the Zeeka series.
Mandy's robot helper Eve encounters a stranger in the backyard.
He claims to have connections with Zeeka.
Who is this stranger?
When he learns that Eve is a robot, he discloses his story to her.
Eve promises him to keep their conversation secret but can she?