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Zeeka Chronicles is a spine –chilling series of stories about betrayal, kidnapping, revenge, secrets, lies, murder, and evil. 
It is the story of one man’s misuse of science for vengeance. To what end is he willing to go to unleash terror on the island? Can the authorities stop him? Will it be too late? Will he and his zombies escape the law?
One man knows his secrets. Can he stop him before there are more mayhem and bloodshed?

 A well-written chronicle of the author's experiences and adventures since her retirement from a long career in the bank : Paperback This inspiring book tells of the many adventures experienced by the author after retiring from a banking career at an early age.. For her, life certainly did not stop at retirement. Throughout the book, the author demonstrates a positive outlook on everything that happens in her life. Not only did she endure wonderful experiences, but she also had a bout with cancer and a terrible accident in Miami. She interprets these negative events in a positive light by using them to show how her faith helped her to overcome these obstacles.


Great little collection that will make you think (especially if you are a travel fan like me!)By Kato's Revenge on February 21, 2016'The Moral of this story is never give up on your dreams.' .
With a title like Stories People Love,, this book already had a lot to live up to. As I read each of the four short stories in turn, the change from fiction to non-fiction made reading this collection all the more pleasurable.
As a bit of a travel fiend myself, the stand out story for me is Travel Dreams of Yesterday. The author writes this so well that you really feel you are journeying along with her.
Is it a spoiler to say each story is a heart warming one (a reference to one of the author's other work ?
I don't think so. Each element of the collection's opener, A Headmaster's Daughter, twists and turns and demands that you keep reading.
The Dirtiest of All Evils is intriguing as a murder mystery and seems initially out of place. But reading the stories again, it feels a good fit.

Extract of Review  I AM CANCER FREE

Remarkably detailed, and poignant description of the author's experiences as she was diagnosed and treated for ovarian cancer., June 19, 2014
This review is from: I am Cancer Free: The Author's True Story about her bout with Cancer (Paperback)
I am Cancer Free was the Winner  in the Category Non- Fiction in Mc Grath's Publishing Book Awards in 2016. The Book also received a five-star review and five-star seal from Readers Favorite in 2017.

                                      A Life worth Living: My Life as a Banker

    This book is an encouragement and example to all women. It shows in no uncertain terms what the power of God can do in someone's life. By reading this book we will learn something to enhance our own lives. The book stimulates us and encourages us to emulate the successes of the author. It touches our emotions and gives us a new appreciation of life. It encourages us to go on, never giving up, even when the road of life curves. This book won second place in Bio/Memoirs in Metamorph's Publishing Indie Summer Book Awards 2016.

The following is the latest review of  the paperback edition of "Your Time is Now" by an ardent reader of the author's books.:
Thoughtful reflections on the meaning of verses 1 to 8 of Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 of the Bible   on June 22, 2014Format: Paperback Verified Purchase In her characteristic easy to read style, the author provides an insightful interpretation of the 8 verses of Ecclesiastes that were used in the famous song by the Byrds. Drawing on personal experiences, an astounding knowledge of the Bible, general observances and reflections on life, the author examines these verses and presents her interpretation in as clear and understandable a manner as possible. She narrates several stories from her own life to illustrate each verse and shows how her faith helps her to overcome many obstacles and to live a successful and happy life.
This is an inspiring book which clearly shows that when one applies the principles of the Bible to real life, one can get marvelous results. It is an uplifting book and should be read by anyone who wants to restore his faith in God or in life in general.

This book is a memoir of the author's travels around the world. The author relates the family adventures and describes places visited and the wonderful times she and her family had in their travels.


Memoirs of Dr. Andrew Moonir Khan - Journey of an Educator, is the historical memoir of one man's journey in the field of Education when Education was not considered a priority in Trinidad and Tobago. It was indeed a struggle for young Andrew, but he overcame all obstacles and reached the highest pinnacle of his career. His story is both motivational and inspiring.